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Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Colorado State Univeristy

With increasing link speeds and increased parallelism within routers, packet reordering will be more widespread over the Internet. The definition of "percentage out-of-order" metric is vague and ambiguous and in addition, the measure is incapable of characterizing and evaluating the packet-reordering problem. At CNRL, we have proposed two metrics for reordering, "Reorder Density" (RD) and "Reorder Buffer-occupancy Density" (RBD). In addition, we also characterize reordering introduced by a network in the form of "Reorder Response."
For complete description of RD and RBD and other useful details, follow these links:
Team members
  • Abhijit A. Bare
  • Tarun Banka
  • Bin Ye
  • Ramanathan Sivakumar
This research is supported in part by the Engineering Research Center program of the National Science Foundation under NSF award number 0313747.
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IETF Presentations
  1. Comparison of Reorder Metrics at 62nd IETF Meeting, Minneapolis, MN
  2. RD, RBD and Reorder Response at 60th IETF Meeting, San Diego, CA
  3. RBD and foundation for RD at 58th IETF Meeting Minneapolis, MN
  4. RBD at 57th IETF Meeting Vienna, Austria

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