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CSU-CHILL Radar is a national research facility used routinely by researchers around the U.S. for radar meteorological research. The high rates of data generated by CSU-CHILL currently require these researchers to take extensive time off from their activities to be at the radar site and data is transferred through shipping 8mm tape. The  Next Generation Internet (NGI)  provides an opportunity not only to make this data widely available, but also to revolutionize the radar control and operations to attain a new level of geographically diverse interactivity. This project, sponsored by DARPA, will develop  and make available a virtual CSU-CHILL radar facility over the Next Generation Internet.
This is a collaborative project with Prof. V. Chandrasekar, a co-investigator of the CSU-CHILL National Radar Facility involved with algorithm development and technical upgrade.

This project is complete.

Project Team


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency /Information Technology Office (DARPA/ITO)