GUI for Robust Principal Component Analysis

Download GUI

Windows 64bit binaries MCR 8.1
Linux 64bit binaries, script MCR 8.0
The GUIs are developed in MATALB® on Windows and Linux platforms. Please download and install the appropriate Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) as well.

The GUI performs Robust PCA on:

Matrix constructions details can be found in [1].

Generate test matrices

Synthesizes test matrices of a specified sized. Test matrices are a sum of a low-rank matrix and a sparse matrix. The users set the types and fractional sparsity and ranks of the low-rank and sparse matrices.

Load test matrices

Users may analyze test matrices from an external experiment. The matrices are to be formatted as follows. E.g.:


[1] V.W. Bandara, L.L. Scharf, R.C. Paffenroth, A.P. Jayasumana, and P.C. DuToit, Empirical Recovery Regions of Robust PCA, In review. (PDF available upon request)
[2] V.W. Bandara, Ph.D. Dissertation, Spring 2014.