Technical Program of LCN 2011 and Adjunct Workshops      [version: 2011-09-23]

Time Rhein Paris-Rom Berlin Rhein-Three

Monday, October 3

17:00 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, October 4

08:00 Registration
08:30 SenseApp: Opening      
08:55   WNM: Opening  
09:00 SenseApp: Keynote: Gian Pietro Picco, University of Trento   WNM: Technical Papers - I  
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 SenseApp: Experimentation, Analysis and Hardware   WNM: Technical Papers - II  
11:00   WNM: Keynote 1: Benoit Claise, Cisco Systems  
11:45   WNM: Keynote 2: Antonio Pescapè, University of Napoli Federico II  
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 SenseApp: Algorithms and Protocols      
13:45 WASA-NGI-IV: Opening WISe: Opening  
13:50 WISe: Full Papers 1  
13:55 WASA-NGI-IV: Keynote 1: Oliver Waldhorst, Ilmenau University of Technology  
14:30 WASA-NGI-IV: Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Services  
14:40 WISe: Discussion and Short Paper 1  
14:55 WASA-NGI-IV: Demo Session Setup  
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 SenseApp: Applications WASA-NGI-IV: Demo Session WISe: Full Papers 2  
16:15 WASA-NGI-IV: Keynote 2: Thomas Plagemann, University of Oslo  
16:20 WISe: Discussion and Short Paper 2  
16:40 WISe: Full Papers 3  
16:50 SenseApp: Wrap-up and Conclusion WASA-NGI-IV: New Paradigms & Energy Awareness  
18:00 Tuesday Workshops - End of Technical Program

Wednesday, October 5

08:00 Registration
08:30 Opening and Welcome      
09:00 Keynote 1: Peter Martini, University of Bonn & Fraunhofer FKIE      
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Best Paper Candidates      
12:00 Lunch break
13:20 Quality of Service Location Dependence, Services and Analysis IEEE802.X - Performance and Enhancements Setup for Demonstrations
15:00 Poster Presentations with Tea     Demonstrations with Coffee
16:45 LCN Wednesday - End of Technical Program
17:15 Social Event - Busses leave for transfer
18:00 Social Event

Thursday, October 6

08:00 Registration
08:55 Opening      
09:00 Keynote 2: Guoliang (Larry) Xue, Arizona State University      
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Peer2Peer Networks WSN - Energy Harvesting and Energy Efficiency Traffic and Measurements  
12:35 Lunch Break
13:45 Security, Privacy and Anonymity WSN - Applications and Services Resource Allocation and Scheduling  
15:25 Tea break
15:55 Mobile and Wireless Networks WSN - Self-Organization and Coverage Performance Evaluation  
17:35 LCN Thursday - End of Technical Program

Friday, October 7

08:00 Registration
08:30 WLN: Opening ON-MOVE: Opening P2MNET: Opening  
09:00 WLN Keynote: Madjid Merabti, Liverpool John Moores University ON-MOVE: Keynote: Marc Emmelmann, Fraunhofer FOKUS P2MNET: Wireless Networks  
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 WLN: WLAN and Ad Hoc Networks ON-MOVE: Mobility    
10:45 P2MNET: Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks  
11:30 ON-MOVE: Posters and Demos  
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 WLN: Wireless Sensor Networks      
13:45 ON-MOVE: Vehicular Networks I P2MNET: Ubiquitous Networks and Mobile Networks  
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 WLN: Wireless Mesh and Vehicular Networks ON-MOVE: Vehicular Networks II P2MNET: Ubiquitous and Multimedia Networks  
16:30 ON-MOVE: Discussion and Closing Remarks  
18:00 Friday Workshops - End of Technical Program

Monday, October 3

17:00 - 19:00

Welcome Receptiongo to top

Tuesday, October 4

08:55 - 09:00

WNM: Openinggo to top

6th IEEE Workshop on Network Measurements
Room: Berlin
Chair: Tarun Banka (Cisco Systems, USA)

09:00 - 10:10

WNM: Technical Papers - Igo to top

Room: Berlin
Chair: Ralf Wolter (Cisco Systems, Germany)
09:00 A Study on Path Behavior Characteristics of IPv6 Based Reflector Attacks
Siva Meena (IITM, India); Serugudi Venkataraman Raghavan (IIT Madras, India); Surinder Mohan Bhaskar (Society for Electronic Transactions and Security, India)
pp. 939-945
09:23 Improving the Network Performance and Management of Operability Regions
Seyed Shahrestani (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
pp. 946-950
09:46 Z-Monitor: Monitoring and Analyzing IEEE 802.15.4-based Wireless Sensor Networks
Anis Koubâa (Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud University Riyadh / Cister Research Group Porto, Saudi Arabia); Shafique Ahmad Chaudhry (Al-Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia); Olfa Gaddour (National School of ENgineers of Sfax, Tunisia); Rihab Chaari (ENIS, Tunisia); Nada Al-Elaiwi (IMAMU, Saudi Arabia); Hanan Al-Soli (IMAMU, Saudi Arabia); Hichem Boujelben (ENIS, Tunisia)
pp. 951-959

10:00 - 10:30

Coffee breakgo to top

10:30 - 11:00

WNM: Technical Papers - IIgo to top

Room: Berlin
Chair: Ralf Wolter (Cisco Systems, Germany)
10:30 Planet YouTube: Global, Measurement-based Performance Analysis of Viewer's Experience Watching User Generated Videos
Dilip Kumar Krishnappa (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA); Samamon Khemmarat (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA); Michael Zink (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
pp. 960-968

11:00 - 11:45

WNM: Keynote 1: Benoit Claise, Cisco Systemsgo to

Network Measurements Random Thoughts
Room: Berlin
Chair: Ralf Wolter (Cisco Systems, Germany)

11:45 - 12:30

WNM: Keynote 2: Antonio Pescapè, University of Napoli Federico IIgo to top

Networking Monitoring and Measurements: Challenges and Future Directions
Room: Berlin
Chair: Ralf Wolter (Cisco Systems, Germany)

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch Breakgo to top